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We are confident we have found the right partner in PREDICTMEDIX. This union affords us the opportunity to make a truly meaningful contribution in assisting communities throughout North America looking to safely re-ignite.  Jonathan Auger

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Key Features

Contactless COVID-19 screening in seconds

Uses proprietary AI to measure a grouping of symptoms determined by a medically based algorithm

Uses a simple green light/red light approach to identify individuals for safe entry

Indoor, outdoor and mobile solutions

Deploys as quickly as 7-10 days

Available in communities throughout North America

Safe Entry Solutions for:
Travel, Grocery, Retail, Hospitals, Courthouses, Warehouses, Businesses, Long Term Care Homes, Retirement Homes, Educational Institutions, Arenas & Stadiums, Conventions Centres, Casinos, Theme Parks, Public Sector Services, Dealerships and Mobile Brand Experiences
Outdoor Solutions
  1. Simply walk up the wheelchair-accessible ramp and the door automatically opens.
  2. Multi-spectrum cameras paired with proprietary AI provide an immediate assessment checking for multiple symptoms based on a medically-based algorithm, concluding individual is either safe (green light) or a potential risk (red light)
  3. Options to sanitize your phone or small personal items under the UV lamp
  4. Exit the container through the automatic exit door to enter the shared space or return to your vehicle depending on the result
Indoor Solutions
  1. Simply proceed thru the kiosk
  2. Multi-spectrum cameras paired with proprietary AI provide an immediate assessment; checking for multiple symptoms based on a medically-based algorithm, concluding individual is either safe (green light) or a potential risk (red light).
  3. Exit the kiosk
Mobile Solutions
  1. Safe solutions for face to face marketing
  2. Technology is integrated into trailers or containers for safe mobile brand executions.

Screening stations in airports, shopping malls and staff entrances to hospitals etc. are based on questionnaires. Screening  questionnaires are ineffective because they depend on honest and accurate answers from people that are either unaware or  unforthcoming of their symptoms. The process is potentially harmful because the screening itself causes a bottleneck of foot traffic and the accumulation of people in proximity, creating the potential for disease transmission. AI powered cameras in airports, travel hubs and staff entrances of hospitals and factories etc. could divert infected individuals to self isolation and treatment while allowing healthy individuals to proceed unimpeded.

Dr. Alexander Bardon, an Emergency Medicine Physician in Ontario

Some of the brands we work with


Founded in 1995 by Jonathan Auger, JUICEWORKS Exhibits began as a one-man team, servicing the exhibit marketing industry as an installer. Forging relationships at every turn, while consistently providing excellent customer service, Jon quickly earned the respect of clients and industry peers. This ultimately resulted in substantial client increase and agency partners throughout North America. Today with upwards of 70 employees, and 2 North American locations (Toronto, Las Vegas), JUICEWORKS continues to deliver award-winning projects. Our exponential growth is evident in being recognized by Growth 500 as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, 3 years running as well as Lenovo’s small business of the year award for 2019. Our customer- centric business model is built on hard work, communication and a dedicated team, committed to upholding the core values exhibited by our Founder and President.

JUICEWORKS is acknowledged by clients globally as the go-to supplier for innovative design, quality craftsmanship and production. We have grown to represent some of the world’s most recognized cross-sector brands.  Our offerings include: commercial/retail space design and production, pop-up shops, custom exhibit/event fabrication, experiential marketing, mobile marketing initiatives, museums and general contracting for events. Regardless of the task, our diverse team of experts take each project through concept to successful execution. Our primary goal is to continually win our client’s respect and approval on a job well done.

About Predictmedix Inc.

Predictmedix Inc. is an artificial intelligence (“AI”) company developing disruptive tools for impairment testing and healthcare. It is intended that the Company’s cannabis and alcohol impairment detection tools will be used across various workplaces and by law enforcement agents. Its technology uses facial and voice recognition to identify both cannabis and alcohol impairment by utilizing multiple features along with numerous different data points. Testing does not require any body fluids or human intervention, thereby helping to remove human error and the potential for discrimination and prejudice. The Company has partnered with Tech Mahindra and Hindalco to help expedite the launch of its impairment technology, as well as the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. The Company is also developing AI based screening for the healthcare industry. The recent advent of COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented stress on the global economy and highlights the need for tools to help screen mass populations for infectious diseases, with the hope of preventing pandemics in the future. In turn, Predictmedix Inc. is expanding its proprietary AI technology to screen for infectious diseases such as influenza and coronaviruses (COVID-19). Our current partners along with advisory board members have played a key role in gathering data pertaining to COVID-19, which has allowed us to develop a predictive mass screening tool for COVID-19. The technology is for mass screening and is to be used to predict and identify individuals who have the highest likelihood of being infected with COVID-19. Additionally, psychiatric disorders such as depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can carry a significant burden and early identification is the key to better management. To help address this, the Company is also expanding its proprietary AI technology to screen for psychiatric and/or brain disorders such as depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. To find out more visit us at

Based on WHO report, an asymptomatic laboratory-confirmed case is a person infected with COVID-19 who does not develop symptoms. Asymptomatic transmission refers to transmission of the virus from a person, who does not develop symptoms. There are few reports of laboratory-confirmed cases who are truly asymptomatic, and to date, there has been no documented asymptomatic transmission. This does not exclude the possibility that it may occur. Asymptomatic cases have been reported as part of contact tracing efforts in some countries. 

Data from published epidemiology and virologic studies provide evidence that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted from symptomatic people to others who are in close contact through respiratory droplets, by direct contact with infected persons, or by contact with contaminated objects and surfaces. This is supported by detailed experiences shared by technical partners via WHO global expert networks, and reports and presentations by Ministries of Health. As such based on current data, symptomatic transmission is responsible for the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, the key is to identify the majority of symptomatic individuals to prevent transmission which is the purpose of our mass screening technology.

The accuracy in identification of underlying symptoms of COVID-19 has an association with the sensitivity of multispectral cameras that are used for screening purposes. Therefore, we have minimum specifications for what is needed to ensure a high resolution can be maintained which can in turn ensure a high rate of accuracy. Our technology is designed to mass screen and encompass major symptoms associated with COVID-19 to ensure that most of the people who are likely to have COVID-19 are identified and prevented from entering the premises.

At the moment, any outbreak associated with common cold or flu is by default to be associated with COVID-19. Therefore health agencies are recommending that anyone who is showing associated symptoms avoid stepping out altogether. The only definitive way of distinguishing between common cold/flu/COVID-19 is a diagnostic test. Although currently we cannot distinguish between the two, our AI algorithms are deep learning based and as there is more data analyzed by the algorithms they get smarter.

The system can have the results usually within a fraction of a second (0.1-0.4 seconds) but at times due to low internet connectivity, it may extend to 1-2 seconds.

Typically internet bandwidth of above 25 Mbps is required for a single scan station.

The artificial intelligence (“AI”) powered technology utilizes multispectral imaging with a focus on visual spectral imaging along with infrared thermography to identify cases which are suspected of COVID-19. The AI technology monitors and identifies potential presence of COVID-19 associated symptoms such as fatigue, headache, coughing, sneezing, blood flow, sweat gland activation, fever along with other key determinant factors.

The units provided are self-sufficient and only requires internet connectivity. Multispectral cameras installed within the units communicate with the cloud servers for analysis.

The PredictMedix technology is different than the other fever scanners on the market that are simply measuring body temperature. The AI looks not only at body temperature, but at 5 specific facial points, which indicate a truly medically induced fever, versus someone who may be hot because of temperature conditions etc. It also measure 6 other known COVID-19 symptoms, before rendering a result.

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