GTA company creates screening stations that can detect COVID-19 symptoms

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Much like we go through metal detectors at the airport, we could soon be going through COVID-19 screening devices before we head into a store, pharmacy, school, or restaurant.

Some companies in the GTA are creating such devices that are already in use in Canada.

Juiceworks’ COVID-19 Safe Entry Solutions are powered by Predictmedix COVID-19 mass screening AI technology.

The stations use multispectral cameras to screen people for symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, fever exhaustion, congestion, sweat gland activation, eye, redness and headache.

Predictmedix’s Dr.Rahul Kushwah says it’s fast and easy.

“You approach the module, remove any hats or glasses, look at the multi sectional camera, and within a fraction of a second  a red or green light will display the results” said Dr. Kushwah.

The data gathered is analyzed instantly by medial artificial intelligence and a red light indicates if the person is at a higher likelihood of having COVID-19 or influenza.

At that point the establishment will have protocol in place that could include a more rigorous secondary screening,  or denial of entry to that person.

The stations are already in use at the Flow Water facility in Ontario, A Juiceworks production facility, and a 24-hour pharmacy in Montreal.

“What we’ve been working on is being able to deploy these in any industry,” said Juiceworks Founder Jonathan Auger. “Whether it’s an institutional setting like a school, long-term care facility or a hospital.”

Augers says they would also work in commercial facilities such as shopping malls.

The stations have an upfront cost for the hardware, assembly and installation and ongoing costs vary based on how much traffic they encounter.

The stations can also be adjusted to detect impairment by drugs or alcohol.

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