Health innovation: A cure for COVID-19 disruptions

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Times are tough. COVID-19 has battered the healthcare ecosystem’s ability to heal, driving massive shortages in clinicians, hospital beds and medical supplies. How can organizations best weather this storm? Some healthcare players have a one-word solution: innovation.

Bets on a better future

A select group of health systems and hospitals are differentiating themselves from their peers, investing in the innovations they need to navigate the long-term uncertainties imposed by COVID-19. These organizations have pinpointed innovation as the best way to address the challenges of “the now, the next and the never normal” in the healthcare ecosystem. They recognize innovation can support care seekers, patients, clinicians, suppliers and the general public now, enable them to deal with the next threats and opportunities, and negotiate the chaotic shifts in cultural norms, values and behaviors posed by never normal long-term developments.

COVID-19 has brutally tested elements of the current healthcare value chain and found them lacking. Forward-thinking health players are using these insights to reimagine healthcare’s future in innovative ways. The following three healthcare organizations exemplify this trend of using near-term innovations to redefine their business and operating models for the era of COVID-19 and beyond.

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