Market mover Predictmedix offers COVID-19 mass screening and now — a telemedicine platform

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As COVID-19 global cases move towards 10 million (currently 8.26 million) one company now offers COVID-19 mass screening using a revolutionary form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology also works for infection screening, sobriety testing and various other medical conditions such as mental disorders (depression & dementia). Early adopters are companies wanting to safeguard their workers as well as healthcare operations wanting to keep their premises safe from COVID-19 infection. The technology is suitable for large scale screening by governments, law enforcement, healthcare, other organizations, and employers worldwide.

That company is Predictmedix Inc. (CSE: PMED | OTCQB: PMEDF). Predictmedix has developed a disruptive AI technology that is leading the future in impairment detection and healthcare screenings. Predictmedix‘s AI powered products use facial, thermal, video and audio recognition technologies to determine when individuals are impaired or suffering from infectious disease or mental illness.

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